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    Our brand was created to represent the ideals of all women. In the early 1920’s Cesila was born into a family graced with nobility and wealth. As a young girl she learned the importance of elegance, style and fashion. At the tender age of just 8 years old her status quickly changed from regal to regular. She and her family found themselves destitute and struggling to get by.

    That was not enough to bring Cesila down. She spent her girlhood studying, learning and sewing. Not only did she help support her family, but she also taught herself the value of hard work and perseverance. At 23 she opened a home boutique that offered women a place to find beautifully inspired fashion at a fair price. And when she came across those who had fallen on hard times – she took it upon herself to clothe them.  

    In time she married and became a mother and while her story was like many other wives and mothers, she never forgot where she came from. Cesila found a way to pair elegance and fashion with the life of a wife and mother. Her blend of nobility and creativity is what inspired the Cesila brand.

    We at Cesila honor her legacy by creating collections of clothes that provide all women a chance to find their inner grandeur. We believe that every wife, mother, professional woman and every woman in between should be able to shine. At Cesila we do this by putting our customers first.

    Our aesthetic is what we like to refer to as “freestyle”. We don't limit our collection to just one perspective. Our clothing lines are inspired by everything from a fabulous color to a beautiful sunset. Our goal is beauty with a touch of elegance that can be worn by all women. To us, all women are beautiful, sophisticated and should have access to high quality, affordable fashion.



    Hi. I am Carmen and I am proud to say that Cesila was my grandmother. Throughout my life she inspired me to pursue the passion that she passed down to me. By watching her perseverance, her class and the way she loved those around her - I learned a thing or two about beauty. That’s why I created this brand. To me the Cesila clothing line is a living tribute to Cesila the woman, my grandmother. She was both a strong, driven woman – but also a wife, mother and grandmother. She taught me that all women are truly beautiful. And through fashion they can let their inner light shine.



    Most brands are designed with a specific group in mind. At Cesila we see fashion a little different. We believe that all women, no matter their age, shape or size should have access to luxury and fashion, even on a budget. We design our clothes to be truly wearable, but to also make women feel amazing. Cesila women are all women.



    Our company began as an army of one and has grown to a team of nine. We are the creative minds behind Cesila. Nine might seem plenty of hands, eyes and brains – but we make it our mission to keep pace with the designing, marketing and of course customer service. We are fortunate to work with several amazing fashion bloggers spread across the world who seek out apparel from local vintage stores that serve as our design inspiration. Each collection has a theme that has been inspired by these inspiration pieces.

    Cesila is more than just a clothing line. We are a beauty brand for all women. As we follow in the footsteps of our inspiration, the original Cesila, we have an origin story for the ages. Always combine a touch of elegance with appeal for real women.